Corporate culture is a kind of existence, the enterprise in a certain period of time in all aspects of the characteristics, constitute the period of culture. Enterprise culture is created by enterprise behavior and employee behavior, and as a melting pot, the staff's consciousness is constantly honed to converge. Enterprise culture has a strong internal integration, the integration of the external show a great penetration. This is the decisive role of "culture" in competition. Since its inception, the company has always attached importance to the construction of corporate culture, has now been recognized by all staff, and in the continuous efforts to build a corporate culture with the characteristics of the ROC.


· Always keep an open mind and interest in new things

· With an international view, inclusive spirit and the pursuit of enterprising health mentality

· The various talents from all are gathered under the banner of the ROC and merged in the enterprise culture of Peng.


· Learning technical knowledge, learning management, learning to do things

· Develop learning habits, foster learning atmosphere, and Shape learning team


· Master the knowledge and skills of the specialized talents

· Provide the most professional services to customers


· Honesty, respect everyone, in a fair and ethical manner to maintain the relationship with customers, manufacturers, partners, keep the promise;

Work hard and enjoy yourself

· This is our attitude to work and life: We work hard to build the economic foundation of our lives, to achieve our goals and to gain self-confidence and achievement, and work is the way we realize our life ideals and embody our own values.


· If you make a promise, you will accomplish your task.

· No matter how hard it is to solve, be sure to solve the problem in the present.

Exceed Customer expectations

· Real understanding of customer needs;

· Agree with customers and suppliers on quality, and follow these standards at all times;

· Continuous efforts to maintain innovative thinking, exceed customer expectations;

Focus on how the team works

· We respect our colleagues, share their resources and experiences, provide feedback, and listen to each other, and improve the quality of our team members.

· In the company, all employees, regardless of their cultural background, gender, job, etc. can continue to learn, and all the potential to play out;

· Cherish each person's outstanding contribution, identify the member's personality, talent diversity, and regard it as a competitive advantage.

· Ensure the institutionalization, regularization and communication of all departments

· Empower and motivate individuals to work with team

Maintain a continuous creative thinking

· Innovation is the key to create new opportunities for all customers, but also strengthens our effectiveness;

The core values of Peng-----Tiandaochouqin, Tenet

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