How to avoid the summer heat with electric cars
Date: 2021/1/12 Publisher: 鲲鹏车业 Hits: 1073

Electric vehicles will be affected by the environment and have some problems, especially in summer. High temperature will pose a serious threat to the performance and life of the vehicle. So how do we protect electric vehicles from the heat?

Avoid exposure to the sun in hot summer days:

First of all, when electric vehicle batteries are running in high temperature seasons, there will be a problem of overcharging. In order to prevent excessive charging voltage, the temperature of the battery itself should be lowered to ensure that the battery can dissipate adequately. When exposed to the hot sun, it will cause the power supply. The temperature inside the box rises sharply, leading to an increase in battery temperature, which leads to an increase in the internal pressure of the battery during charging and an increase in water loss, which affects the service life of the battery.

Avoid soaking the car in water:

Because electric vehicle pools, motors and control appliances are forbidden to enter water, or to avoid contact with water, it is necessary to avoid driving in heavy rain.

Avoid sudden braking in summer:

When an electric vehicle is accelerating, especially when it is started, it should accelerate slowly. Sometimes it can stop for a while, and then continue to accelerate when the vehicle speed rises. It is not advisable to start and brake frequently when the vehicle is running, such as When you need to brake, you can slow down slowly in advance, and try to let the car drive by inertia. In this way, not only can avoid the damage to the battery due to high current discharge, but also can increase the mileage. If you continue to drive, you should charge it in time. Secondly, if you do not use the car for a long time, you should place it fully charged, disconnect the main circuit switch, and recharge the battery every one to two weeks.

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