How to use the electric tricycle charger?
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How to use the electric tricycle charger?

Electric tricycles have the advantages of strong applicability, flexibility, simple maintenance, convenient maintenance, and low price, so they can flexibly walk through narrow roads. Electricity, as an important energy source with environmental protection, cleanliness and high conversion rate, is widely used in production and living, reducing transportation costs, saving energy, and protecting the environment. Then, how to use electric tricycle chargers? The following editor will take everyone to understand


1. When charging, first insert the charger plug into the charging socket of the battery car, and the battery indicator is on at this time, then connect the power plug to ~220V mains, then turn on the current switch, the power indicator is on, and the ammeter has instructions.

2. The method of adjusting the charging current: When the mains power is stable at about 220V, first charge with a small current for 1-2 hours (select 1-2 gears), and then adjust the current to the normal value until it is fully charged (the normal value is such as a 120Ah battery , The charging current should be about 12A). When adjusting the current, observe the indicated value of the ammeter to avoid excessive or small charging current.

3. During charging, when the charging indicator light is on, (the full indicator light is only for reference). This is the battery capacity has reached about 80%. The ammeter indicates that the value decreases or approaches zero. At this time, please continue to charge at a low current for 2-3 hours, and it can be fully charged.

4. Fast charging. When charging is urgently needed in a short time, the charging current should not exceed 18A (it is recommended not to use high current charging for a long time, otherwise it will shorten the life of the charger and battery).


1. Read the instructions carefully before use and connect the ground wire.

2. In the summer high temperature season, the charger works for a long time and the temperature rise is very high. After charging for two hours, you should unplug the battery and let the fan run idling for about 30 minutes. After the charger cools down, continue charging. This is beneficial to extend the charger. And battery life.

3. When the charger cannot work normally, first check whether the ~220V plug is connected and whether the insurance is blown. For long-term use, check and clean the charging plug and socket to ensure good contact.

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