The problem that the electric tricycle leads to the parts failure
Date: 2017/6/8 Publisher: 鲲鹏车业 Hits: 2321

How many times has the electric three-wheeled scooter been tested to really drive? The Electric tricycle vehicle's tool also will be broken when, to this kind of situation we change how solves, below we discussed together.
What problems will be encountered in the process of using electric tricycle? After each heavy rain, will let the company maintenance department busy for a while, electric tricycle because of the rain water, resulting in battery, motor or control device failure, and some even the whole car "paralysis" things happen. Electric tricycle car water is the most easily bad is the motor and controller, rainy days suggest you do not use electric tricycles. Wading to pay special attention to the depth of water, not exceeding the electric tricycle wheel one-third of the situation to normal driving. It is best not to use an electric tricycle when you meet heavy rains.
Electric tricycle Motor, controller, batteries and other important components have been waterproof treatment, General Electric tricycle car was wet rain is not matter, but this does not mean that the electric tricycle is free to "walk through" the water. In the rain will also appear water, General Electric tricycle car ride after a year or two, waterproof performance will also be lowered, open-air parking if in the event of heavy rains will also appear important parts of the phenomenon. A slight intake of water only ventilated dry, if more serious, you need to repair point. However, it is necessary to remind that the electric tricycle car is wet after the rain does not charge immediately, must put the car in the ventilated place to dry and then recharge, otherwise easy to short-circuit, resulting in spontaneous combustion.

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