Five main points of battery maintenance for old-age scooter
Date: 2017/7/2 Publisher: 鲲鹏车业 Hits: 1432

Old car battery maintenance five main points:

1, in the driving process, the instrument panel indicates red under pressure, indicating that the power into the hungry area, should be recharged in time, timely charging can greatly prolong the battery life, so that the battery at any time to maintain full status, to its longevity has great benefits. Otherwise it will greatly affect the battery life, serious situation will lead to premature battery scrap.
2. When the new car is first charged, it should be recharged continuously for 18 hours. Long-term use of batteries, should be sufficient electricity storage, and every 15 days to replenish. If the battery is charged, the battery is hot and does not turn green, should be in time to professional repair point for the battery and charger detection and repair.
3, the key technical indicators of the charger should be consistent with the battery life, do not use too large or too small current does not meet the requirements of the charger charging.
4, in the charger do not know good or bad, but the basic can be recharged, the best replacement of the charger, the battery is not charged, and over discharge. During the use of attention do not long, large current discharge (such as electric bicycles manned climbing, overload operation).
5, the use of batteries in the winter, the steam temperature is lower than 15c°, or lower, its output capacity will decrease with the temperature, reducing riding mileage will be shortened normally.
The performance of the old-age scooter is determined by the battery. The driving distance is determined by the battery energy density, and the acceleration performance is determined by the power density. In addition, the power of his weight, cost accounted for the whole vehicle proportion is an important component of cost analysis. If the old-age car maintenance is the battery maintenance is not too. As a result, the battery of the old-age scooter has the energy density, the qualified use boming, the reliability, the safety, the easy maintenance and the low cost performance which can support the mileage.


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